Fenix HP30R Rechargeable Spot/Flood Headlamp

Max Output 1000 Lumens
Max Distance 202 m.
9 Output Modes
Best price: CAD $178.03

Fenix HP30R rechargeable headlamp employs power and versatility in rare form and design. The power comes in two wonderfully pleasing forms. The first being that is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries that allows for convenient extended runtimes in an easy to recharge case that has the unique ability to also charge your USB rechargeable devices. The other “power” component comes from the sheer brute strength of it’s powerful beam. The 3 unique LED’s can all be used at once to disperse an amazing 1750 Lumens that reaches over 650 feet (200 meters) showing you items in the distance that few would imagine.

The versatility of this headlamp begins with the belt-worn (or backpack) battery case that allows for lightweight and comfortable design on the head. The rechargeable micro USB port in the battery case even allows you to utilize it as a power bank in those moments your cell phone might need a little extra charge. The versatility continues with 4 levels of spotlight and 4 levels of soft floodlight to match up to whatever your needs may be at any moment. The unique ability to utilize both flood and spot levels at once provide you 16 levels of adaptable light with runtimes lasting as long as 400 hours. Although the HP30R can be life saving tool to search and rescue professionals; it’s easy to use and affordability make it ideal for adventurists at all levels.

Compatible with: ARB-L18-3500, ARB-L18-2600, ARE-C1+, ARE-C2+.

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  • Size:
    • Headlamp length: 77mm (3.0")
    • Headlamp width: 55mm (2.2")
    • Headlamp height: 34mm (1.3")
    • Battery case length: 77mm (3.0")
    • Battery case width: 55mm (2.2")
    • Battery case height: 34mm (1.3")
  • Weight:
    • Excluding batteries: 285g (10.1 oz.)
  • Batteries:
    • Two 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries (Included)
    • Four CR123A disposable batteries
MODE Lumens
Spot Turbo 1000 4h 202 Meters (663 Feet) 10268cd 1m IP66
Spot High 500 6.5h 124 Meters (407 Feet) 3820cd
Spot Medium 130 21h 72 Meters (236 Feet) 1284cd
Spot Low 30 83h 34 Meters (112 Feet) 288cd
Flood Turbo 750 4h 61 Meters (200 Feet) 916cd
Flood High 400 6h 46 Meters (151 Feet) 519cd
Flood Medium 130 23h 27 Meters (89 Feet) 180cd
Flood Low 5 400h 7 Meters (23 Feet) 12.5cd
SOS 130 46h - -


  • Uses Cree XM-L2 and XP-G2 R5 LED’s with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by two 18650 or four CR123A batteries
  • Lockout function for safe and convenient carrying
  • Free switching between spot- and neutral white floodlight, or you can use them simultaneously
  • Belt-worn battery case can be placed in pocket or backpack, which reduces the load bearing of user’s head and maintains optimal performance in cold areas
  • The battery case can be used as a power bank for charging other digital devices
  • The 18650 batteries are charged alternately via Micro USB port for balanced battery level
  • 60° tilt mechanism directs the beam where needed
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Aluminum alloy die-casting design for security and better heat dissipation
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

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