Fenix TK75 Long Range Flashlight

Max Output 5100 Lumens
Max Distance 850 m.
8 Output Modes
CAD $301.33

The TK75 is a rechargeable flashlight with an astonishing combination of 5100 lumens maximum output and 850m maximum distance. The innovative rechargeable battery holder comes with a Micro USB port, powered by 4 18650 batteries. Fitted with 4 Cree XHP35 HI LED, TK75 flashlight goes the distance in power and versatility to satisfy various lighting demands like searching, securing, caving and more. Dual stainless steel switches offer user-friendly output selection of 6 brightness levels and 2 flash modes. The lockout function prevents the possibility of unintended operation of the flashlight. Additionally, a built-in socket that can take either a shoulder strap or tripod mount for carrying or mounting, makes the TK75 even more advantageous and reliable in searching, securing, caving and as standby lighting for cars.

Compatible with: ARB-L18-3500, ARB-L18-2600, ARE-A4.

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Packages with Fenix TK75


Fenix TK75 with four (4) 3500mAh rechargeable batteries and A4 charger

CAD $446.27
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Fenix TK75 with eight (8) 3500mAh rechargeable batteries and A4 charger

CAD $561.40
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  • Size:
    • Length: 188mm (7.4")
    • Body diameter: 53mm (2.1")
    • Head diameter: 86mm (3.4")
  • Weight:
    • Excluding batteries: 630g (22.2 oz.)
  • Batteries:
    • Four 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries
MODE Lumens
Turbo 5100 2h 15min 850 Meters (2789 Feet) 180600cd 1m IP68, underwater 2m
High II 2000 3h 517 Meters (1696 Feet) 66800cd
High I 1000 6h 367 Meters (1204 Feet) 33600cd
Medium 450 17h 45min 257 Meters (843 Feet) 16500cd
Low 150 46h 147 Meters (482 Feet) 5400cd
Eco 50 95h 85 Meters (279 Feet) 1800cd
Strobe 5100 - -
SOS 150 - -


  • 4 Cree XHP35 HI LED's, with lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by 4 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • 188mm Length x 53mm Body diameter x 86 Head diameter
  • 630 grams (excluding batteries)
  • Max 5100 lumens output, 850m beam distance
  • Micro USB rechargeable battery holder
  • Momentary on turbo and strobe
  • Back support system eases handheld fatigue
  • Battery level indication; lockout function
  • Dual stainless steel side switches for fast and convenient operation
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Low-voltage warning reminds when battery charging is needed
  • Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating

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Fenix ARB-L18-2600 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

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Fenix ARE-A4 Smart Battery Charger

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